Parent/Student Resources-Weblinks

1.  Orchard software on-line web address

2.  Zingy Learning software on-line web address

3.  Khan Academy - Short Youtube video clip of Math & Science Lessons - View from home.

4.  Web 2.0 Tool and Resource Guide - Web 2.0 is the term that encompasses the growing collection of new and emerging Web-based tools. These tools promote creativity, collaboration, and communication involving learning methods in which these skills play a part.

Web 2.0 Tool and Resource Guide

5.  YouTube Portal - Vusafe 
This is the link for students to access educational YouTube videos while at Manzanita or at home without all of the inappropriate advertisement.

a.  Log In by entering the     username: msd_student1 and the

                                                  password: msd_student1

    Then click the login button.

b. After you login, click the return arrow.

c.  Go to your teacher webpage and click the lesson you want to watch.  This will start the video in Vusafe.

      You can also use search feature to view the video you want to watch by teacher or name.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Notice -- February 1, 2016

Library Links:

5.  Butte County Library in Gridley - If our library doesn't have a book, check out our local library on-line.  You can reserve the book and if they don't have it, they can get it from another library in Butte County.

6.  Donate a book to the Manzanita Library - You can help support the Manzanita School Library by purchasing a book online.  Purchase one or more of your favorite books or select from our "Wishlist".

7.  AR Book Finder Link - This is the link for a program called AR BookFinder.  It is a link through Renaissance for students/parents to search books with AR quizzes. 

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