A Tradition of Excellence, Entreprenuership and Academic Growth

One of the main objectives of Manzanita is that all students will be entrepreneurial learners. Entrepreneurial learners are confident problem solvers, calculated risk takers and creative forward thinkers. They also demonstrate resourcefulness, initiative, as well as responsibility. In addition, entrepreneurial learners are collaborative, self-advocates and  confident public speakers.

It is also an objective at Manzanita that all students will meet or exceed grade level standards in all content areas, demonstrate health and wellness as they meet or exceed the physical fitness standards and demonstrate the qualities of a digitally literate citizen.

Manzanita has a rich tradition of outstanding student achievement as exemplified by our being named a 2014 Honor Roll School. We provide an innovative, sound, standards-based education to support student academic growth. We also work to develop high moral character in all students and promote the concept of service to our school community.  We also have a history of extensive community involvement and support. An example of this is our new walking track funded and built by community members. Parent partnership is a high priority as it is essential for student success and quality school environment.

We are proud of all our students, staff and parents at Manzanita. The strong school board and administrative leadership, excellent teachers and classified staff, positive parental involvement and community support enables all students to reach high academic standards and for our school to excel.
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