Welcome to Manzanita: A Tradition of Excellence, Entreprenuership and Academic Growth

Welcome to Manzanita

Manzanita Elementary provides an exceptional learning environment for students ranging from grades TK to eight. We strive to create a safe, engaging and dynamic learning environment full of support for our students while also promoting a personalized experience helping them capitalize on their strengths and unique individual characteristics.

We believe education provides opportunity. We are committed to giving our students the foundational skills and knowledge needed to give them as many options as possible when they graduate from high school. We believe that students must be challenged with rigorous coursework and opportunities to think critically to solve problems.

At Manzanita, we value risk taking and perseverance while emphasizing academic achievement through collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Our focus is building the mindset for learning that supports students in becoming resilient, flexible and entrepreneurial learners ready to tackle the technological demands of our current world. We provide a variety of learning opportunities that, when appropriate, utilize technology as a tool for learning and student engagement. We strive to create learning spaces across our school that foster the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth of each of our students. As a learning community, we value and expect consideration and respect for others, empathy, responsibility, initiative, resourcefulness, and self-advocacy.

One of the many amazing things that sets Manzanita apart from other schools is our active parent support and involvement. Parent participation is a key component to student success and we encourage each and every parent to become a part of our community in some way. We take great pride in the strong partnerships we have with our families.  Together, we work as a team to ensure that our Manzanita Mustangs develop to their fullest potential and become entrepreneurial learners ready to make a difference in the world! 

Manzanita is a truly special and amazing place. Please feel free to contact me as we work together to continue the solid traditions of the Manzanita Elementary School District. Thanks for visiting our website.
Go Team Mustangs!    #mesdmustangs

Community Forum Follow-Up

May 31, 2017

Dear Parents and Community Members—

Thank you for attending the Community Forum on May 30th at Manzanita Elementary. This morning, I met with Tim Taylor (Butte County Superintendent of Schools) and Chris Alexander (MESD Board President). We have a plan to meet with our local legislators, a call to our attorney and meetings scheduled with law enforcement. We also have three parents who will head up our parent coalition. We will be sending out dates of meetings and specific actions you can start to take as soon as those are available. I have also opened up two communication lines for the community to share input and provide information.

                Email:  coalition@mesd.net

                Text:      (530) 456-6076

Please send questions, comments and concerns to either of the above communication lines so that we have a running record of questions and information.

Thanks so much for your support of our school. We will update this site frequently with meeting dates, information and specific actions you can take.


Michelle Sanchez, Superintendent/Principal

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